To commemorate and celebrate significant career milestones, we have created the Vista Collection, a Global Payments recognition program curated from the portfolio of world-renowned photographer Ansel Adams. Each print in this collection is individually reproduced directly from Ansel Adams’ hand-printed originals, using the most advanced digital technology and best materials available.


While other trees go dormant in the cold winter months, Aspens have a special layer beneath their thin, pale bark that allows them to grow despite harsh environmental conditions. Not even fires can discourage this irrepressible tree from flourishing, as its main life force is underground – a complex root system that connects up to 20 acres of individual trees!

Similarly, your unrelenting determination has laid the groundwork for a prosperous career at Heartland.

Vernal Fall

Almost entirely uphill, the strenuous and slippery path to Vernal Fall is notoriously wet, and tenacious explorers who seek out steady footholds are rewarded with a glorious view.

With an exceptional portfolio value and a strong customer base, your dedication to your business will most certainly continue achieving remarkable results.

Yosemite Valley Thunderstorm

The enormity of the view from the Yosemite Valley overlook along with the accomplishment of reaching that vantage point is staggering.

What you have achieved by maintaining focus on the broader view of our organization is equally phenomenal.


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