2021 Diamond Conference

March 9, 2021


Each year, we commit to using the Diamond Conference to celebrate our culture, people and the products and services we provide. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from Heartland leaders on our values, the state of the business and the future of our industry. Attendees can also expect a top-notch guest speaker; the ranks of past speakers includes Peyton Manning, Magic Johnson, Greg McKeown and Mel Robbins. You won’t want to miss this virtual event as we hear from leaders and guest speakers and rally around our One Experience vision.


Events Agenda

Vince Lombardo

Product Panel:
Zach Payne, Megan Radford, Mark Hagan, Todd Trisch, Bill Fultz, Jessica Skinner, and Vinesha Perera

Distribution Panel:
Mike Brodnick, Laura Wallace, Ryan Joswick,
Wes Williams, Heather Hain, & TJ Kerr

– Break –

Operations Panel:
Vince Lombardo, Robby Robinson,
Lance Haffner, Laura Wallace, & Jessica Ockershauser

Business Intelligence:
Adam Mitchell, Fredrick Mjema, Lynne Kistler, & Brooke Wall

Panel Wrap-up
Vince Lombardo

– Lunch Break –

Culture Panel:
Celine Williams, Cara Greenhaw, Randie Vasso, Jessica Ockershauser

Guest Speaker:
John Maxwell

Break –

Cameron Bready & Vince Lombardo

Happy Hour
4:30 PM

Awards Dinner & Entertainment
5:00 PM

Attendance Qualifications

You must rank in the Diamond Program during the second half of the year, and have earned that rank no later than December 31, 2020, to attend the Diamond Conference. To see the Diamond Program qualifications, click here.


For current Heartland Sales team members, contact SalesIncentives@Heartland.us

Interested in in joining the Heartland Sales team? Learn more at www.heartland.us/careers.