The Diamond Program is Heartland’s premier sales incentive program. It incentivizes stellar sales performance while fostering an element of competition.

The program is designed to create communities of similarly performing sales professionals who share goals, compare achievements and compete for rewards. Most importantly, the program allows you to earn special benefits, tools and resources to help make you more efficient and create more value for your portfolio.

Previous Diamond Conference destinations include Las Vegas, New Orleans, Denver and more.

The Diamond Conference is one of our top experiences of the year. 

Held annually, this is the premiere opportunity to hear from leadership about new products, milestones and initiatives. 

As a Diamond, you’ll have a front row seat to the action as we look to the future and celebrate what we have achieved together.

Quarterly Bonus

Achieving Diamond status gives you the potential to earn up to $2,000+ extra per quarter.

High-Quality Swag

As a Diamond, you’ll receive a quarterly swag box filled with the latest tech gadgets and Heartland-branded goodies. 

We pride ourselves on offering you the highest quality in name-brand tech gear and apparel.


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