Additional Guests

If you choose to bring additional guests* to the Incentive Trip, Heartland will have hard costs that you are responsible for covering. The prices for additional guests are listed here along with the inclusions that come with the price.
*Additional guest(s) is defined as someone outside of the employee + 1 primary guest.

0 – 5 years old: Free 

6 – 12 years old: $250

13 – 17 years old: $400

18+ years old: $550

The Details

  • The above prices include transportation to/from the resort, resort fees for any guests over 18 (only included in the 18+ fee), breakfast on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, dinner on Monday and Wednesday evening. 
  • Please note: The price provided above, does not include additional excursions. Excursions for additional guests will be billed based on actual price. 
  • Invoices for the additional guest fees will go out prior to June 1, 2022 and must be paid prior to June 20, 2022. Please reach out to if you have any questions. 


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